SALUS PUBLICA, SALUS MEA = Everybodys wellbeing is my wellbeing

In my book I deal with group dynamics and dysfunctional interaction. A bad atmosphere both at workplace and in school is like a bottle cork preventing all development, and the book gives advice on how to pop that cork. The different stages of group dynamics are presented as a process, and the return of trust to the working environment is described. How do cliques appear and what is it all about.

The book introduces group dynamics with the BeeGood bee as a mentor. This method works equally well in all life situations; at home, in a day-care centre, at school, in the workplace. Human Relations play a significant role in life choices and everyday life.

A bad atmosphere is like a bottle cork that puts stop to all development. This book will help you to open that bottle cork with fair play. A good atmosphere and wellbeing belong to all of us.

This book is based on my own experience both in business- and school-life. During my working career at school I was included in several international networks, and in many of our meetings we discussed for example the violent events in schools all over the world.

Bullying at work and at school is a global phenomenon. My angle in this book is how to influence matters, and work in accordance with school´s principles for the benefit of a satisfied student. The staff in the school environment should be a role model to the students who will then become workers in future workplaces.