My name is Marjut Salminen and I live in Tampere, Finland. For a long time I used to work in business as a shop-manager in a clothing-chain and at school as an international affairs coordinator. Nowadays I work as an independant international free-lancer coordinator promoting peace, respect and anti-bullying in many different ways.

THE BOOK SALUS PUBLICA, SALUS MEA is based on my own experience during many years in business and at school. I have very good memories about good teamwork but unfortunately also negative ones; the cliques, the bullying, the I-centered team-members, the back-stabbing-the list is endless. I became very interested in learning more of what makes people behave in such primitive way. 

This was the reason I wanted to learn more and took a year´s course in the Polytechnic to specialise in the all-over well-being of a human. As a result of the studies I created the BeeGood mentor, coaching people in good interaction and soft skills.

What I want is to make bullying visible- it is a game. THE ONLY RULE IS - if you get upset, you lose. We can do a lot to improve our living and working conditions. Well working teams have an enormous power for a good, co-creative lifestyle.

The good news: BeeGood will teach you how to disarm a bully and promote your soft skills for a better life. Happy to go and come back from work or school.

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