Obstacles for co-creative lifestyle


Bullying is intentionally hurtful, repetitive behavior - not a one-time or random act - and it usually involves an uneven playing field. A person with greater physical or social power dominates another person with less.


1. Physical bullying encompasses kicking, punching, shoving someone into a locker, and so on.

2. Verbal bullying is all about name-calling and taunting.

3. Next comes social/relational bullying, as in the MEAN GIRLS type of torture. A person gets abused not by another person but by an entire peer group. It is often a pack of girls or women, or bully-princesses. The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander.

4. The fourth and newest category of bullying is cyber-bullying, which takes verbal bullying and social bullying to almost unimaginable extremes. Taunts and rumors, unflattering photos, and compromising videos can be posted on the web anonymously and circulated endlessly, wiht shattering results.