BeeGood in Soft-skills

I am very happy to introduce you to BeeGood,

promoting awareness in how to create service-culture at school-life and at work.

BeeGood uses a skill called "soft-skills" so you can create a peaceful lifestyle with others. Soft-skills relate to person's ability to interact effectively with co-workers and are broadly applicable both in and outside school-life and work places.


Having soft-skills will be a synonym of success and happiness in your life.

I have prepared 54 different cards with which you become aware of soft-skills for better interaction in different social situations. With these cards you get an idea of different soft-skills needed in good interaction.

We all have the power to choose these virtues, rather than choosing violence, revenge, greed, anger and rage. Our main purpose in life is to create a service culture and to be there for one-another. Learn to live in the present. Giving and serving are the master keys to success, in all applications of human.

Everyone has right to LIFE and RESPECT

The earlier we learn to understand that every human matters the more respectful and peaceful our lifes will be. Bullying is a learnt behaviour and it is possible to learn away.

Life is like a game and it is good to know the rules how to play fair games. BeeGood is teaching and giving advice with these cards about the basic rules of co-creative lifestyle. Practice makes master.

 A well-being community gains better results, functions in the developing of learning environments and raises a new generation to the workplace.


The most important option is understanding the core values of life. Schools are instrumental in promoting good values. Traditions, regular life, good hobbies, healthy diet and good relationships create stability and promote the feeling of safety.

The skill of life and soft-skills help in overcoming difficult crises. The ability to get along with people is getting more and more central. People need warmth, togetherness, caring and sense of belonging. To receive and help are necessary requirements. Each person has ability to develop his or her interactive skills, but the will for this has to come from within.